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The Little Things:
The way the sun felt kissing her skin.
Reading while walking, gracefully dodging pedestrians, cars, and fixed objects, yet tripping the moment she glanced up.
The way she felt when she wore red lipstick.
Walking down new side streets and alley ways.
Falling asleep in the sunshine.
Having her hair tousled by the wind.
The first few hours of sunlight that crept in through her curtains and lay on her lover and her’s bare back.
Discovering new words that better articulate the moment.
Listening to music in public and being one beat away from busting out in dance or song… but instead left grinning madly.
Dramatic cat eyes.
Warm bubble baths with the soothing melodies of John Legend.
Leaving traces of her passing with lipstick marks on cheeks, cups, and straws.
Turning any object to her own set of percussion.
Carefully arranging food to display masterpieces… and then documenting her creation with a photo.
When a breeze carries a subtle aroma of honeysuckle.
Going to places where she can pretend to be someone else for a moment.
Witty banter.
Holding an unlit cigarette to her lips.
Small talk that turns to long conversations.
People watching, and then fabricating lavish stories of the people she is watching.
Losing track of time in bookstores and grocery stores.
The first ten minutes after a workout where she feels like she can kick some serious ass.
Having a stare down with drivers as she walks by.
Sitting in coffee shops.
Naps without an alarm clock.
Dancing in underwear with the stereo as loud as possible.
Reflecting on the little things.
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Took 5 tabs of acid (first time doing it ever) and my friend gave me a bunch of acrylic paint. Painted it with my fingers tripping out of my mind. Also I’m colorblind, and don’t work with abstract work at all (I only have ever done drawing). Thought this was pretty wacky.

Wtf this is amazing I love you

Holy shit

The quality of the color blending is phenomenal. You are an inspiration.
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